A Nutty Space Alien Dog??

My dog is a little off I think.

When we go walking, she stops to smell the flowers... seriously.  She's kind of taught me to slow down in doing so, so it's not a bad thing. 

I 'think' I'm always in a rush to get somewhere, but no matter how fast I think I have to go, I always get there in about the same amount of time when I don't hurry and stay calm inside.

Go figure.

The other thing of note about her:  She does not recognize any normal toys.  No balls, sticks, or other playthings, so I don't know how the people who had her before us treated her, but I suspect not well considering her separation anxiety and excessive shaking the first (and last) time I raise my voice at her.

But, the odd thing about her is she likes to chase LARGE things.

Large as in trains, garbage trucks, the biggest fireworks that go off in the finale of 4th of July shows and roller coasters.  I'm a little worried she's an alien black lab and if she catches one of these things, she'll toss it around like a rag doll!!  That bill is gonna suck.

Go over to my home site, BruceSimmons.org and scroll to the bottom of the page... you'll see what I mean!  I don't get it either but I treat her realll nice just in case.