Help Find the Lost Dog Bella; Victim of a Pit Bull Attack

On April 11th, Steve Belsley was walking his dog, a Shiba Inu named Bella in the San Jose, CA area.

While walking his dog, a 10-month-old Pit Bull attacked Bella. To protect Bella, Steve picked his dog up to keep it away from the attacking dog. Subsequently, Steve was bitten 20 times and in the process, he had to drop Bella during the attack and in fright, Bella ran off.

Pet owners can be responsible, or can be ego driven. Don't let the breed fool you. I've seen articles where Chihuahua's have attacked small children, but they aren't as good a press as ranting about the breed with a reputation. In my experience, Pit Bulls have been some of the sweetest animals I've ever known. (No, I don't own one.) The owner of the Pit Bull has been charged with a Felony, and I hope is properly dealt with for not socializing their animal, or keeping it properly contained.
(Source: San Francisco Chronicle)

Bella is Steve's and his wife Terri have no children and consider Bella to be an important part of their life. They've instituted a website dedicated to finding and bringing Bella back.

The site,, is a splash (jump) page to a Google site that is dedicated to tracking Bella when people spot her.

There are several links to posters, descriptions or what not. The important part of the instructions is to not chase her, but to follow her and call the owners.

This is information directly from the web page and it's important to note the directions if she's located:

Bella's Description:
  • Bella is a Shiba Inu - small to medium size
  • About Knee-height
  • Bella is only about 25 pounds; 15 inches tall
  • Black Collar w/ tags
  • Pointy Ears
  • Curly Tail
  • Shy, loner

If you see Bella:

  • call 408-891-4239 immediately
  • do not chase her
  • do not shout at her
  • follow her from a distance and report her location
  • offer her food; lure her to an enclosed area, backyard or garage
Bruce's request: To anyone in the San Jose area that reads this, Please forward the information about Bella to anyone you know. Let's help bring her home. I surmise how I would feel if my dog got out and was running loose and I'd like to help bring closure to this poor couple's plight.

Please. Digg, Twitter, StumbleUpon or what have you the article, the site, or this post. Whatever it takes to help them. Thanks.