Newest Bigfoot Sightings In Canada

by Bruce Simmons:

It would seem that after the stupidity of the Palo Alto press release that provided human skunk DNA samples as their evidence of their "body", there have been some interesting media coverage of new Bigfoot (Sasquatch) sightings up in the Canada Region.

Sighting: July 2008
Back in July of '08, 2 Ontario women were out berry picking north of Grassy Narrows, Ont., which is about 230 kilometres northeast of Winnipeg when they spotted the large hulking creature from their truck at around 10 AM in the morning.

They described it as black and about 8 feet tall, walking upright. When the mythical creature spotted them, it ran off.

The ladies bolted home and returned with some friends and upon looking around, found a large 6-toed footprint.


Sighting: August 2008
A married couple were traveling in the Skiff Lake region shortly after 7 PM on an August evening,

They were 3/4 of a mile from Skiff Lake region in a thickly wooded area. They came around a turn in the road and spotted a huge, 8 and a half foot tall, black creature standing at the edge of the road approximately 250 meters from them. It spotted them and walked across the road and disappeared. They said it took 4 steps to cross the 35 foot wide road.

They are pretty sure it wasn't a bear. The husband has extensive experience with hunting camps and bear.

The couple were being followed on the road by another couple and they chatted with them and they too saw the creature.


Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti.

Sasquatch is an aboriginal word that means "hairy giant,". The legend of the creature is that it's a large manlike creature that roams the woods from Northern California up the West Coast, into and across Canada.

I'd like to be a believer. Many years ago I was an avid chaser of the newspaper reports of sightings of this beast. The thing that had me leaning towards the existence of Bigfoot was the pattern of the sightings across the years, from Northern CA and Northward.

Sightings never seemed to stay in one area, but took a slow but distinct route to the north up through CA, through Oregon and into Washington. I had kept lists of sightings up until they seemed to cluster around Mt. Saint Helens, then it erupted and sightings seemed to end after that. I figured that was it... poof. After some time, I tossed my list, grounded myself back to reality and got on with life.

Additionally, the last few years have there are so many sightings being reported from across America that it just dilutes any probability of the reality of the situation.

I've had a few personal experiences on my expeditions to Bigfoot territory, but I attribute those moments to my wanting to see / experience a Bigfoot sighting. You see, all I want to do is see it. I wouldn't need to prove it, report it or capture it... Just see it. Like today. I didn't have my camera with me for the first time in years and I got to stand about 10 feet from a huge deer and it just stood and looked at me. It perked up it's ears and stared at me for about 3 minutes. That would have been plenty of time to take some miraculously detailed pictures, but that's OK, because I've now got the experience. It was awesome. That's how'd I like to chalk up a Bigfoot experience. See it, then I'd know it.

There's a great sight that tries to put some sense to it all in one fashion or another called the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. You can check them out at BFRO.

'Nuff said, don't ya think?

If you're interested in reading up on the subject, check out these books:

I can vouch for this book: This is a great, but dry approach to the Bigfoot phenom. A hard core debunker scientist friend of mine came away from the book with a different, more open minded approach to the issue after reading it.

BFRO says this is the Best New Title on the subject:

Amazon has other products on the issue, but I can't vouch for them.

image is screen shot from 1967 Patterson still on website

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