Product Review: Sandisk Sansa Clip Audio Player

When my brother-in-law purchased an MP3 player for his wife she not only liked it, but found it easy to use. That was my clue I could tackle the issue myself. I had been avoiding tackling this unknown realm of digital music.

When I bought my Sansa Clip, I had never used an iPod or any other electronic player for my music. I was old school. CD's in my CD player. After I bought the Sansa Clip, I got home and I was up and running in less than 10 minutes.

I purchased the SanDisk 2Gb Sansa Clip MP3 player and I am impressed with the ease of use.

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  1. Last Christmas I decided to get mp3player. My choice was Sansa Clip: it's small with bright screen , good buttons and big memory storage. Now it's already fall but I had no issues with my player. Great quality. I can recommend the product to my friends.


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