So Who Is To Blame For The Market Travesty and Such?

I like to simplify things because too many issues have too many angles and the focus can get quickly diluted. With that said, let me present you with a question, and from that question, you must choose one option from it.

Here goes:

A Man Owns a Horse, and he keeps the horse in his barn. He never locks the barn because the horse never leaves. Out side the barn, there's a man with a fresh carrot and dangles it outside the barn, where the horse can see it. The horse, in pursuing the carrot, gets out of the barn and things just go downhill from there.

So who's to blame?

A: The man who owns the horse and does not lock the barn?
B: The horse, whose nature it is to gobble up carrots?
C: The other man who dangles the carrot?

If the horse would never have seen the carrot, he would have done as he's always done, and stayed in the barn. A place he knows and is comfortable with. I chose D.

That's how I've broken down this lender spawned tragedy that's hitting the financial institutions and other related markets.

True, all parties involved have a part in this role.

A: The oversight institutions who never put rules in place to prevent what's happened.
B: The home owner who saw opportunity and took it, sometimes not knowing what he was getting into.
C: The lenders who shoveled these no-doc cheater loans out the door like they were sugar.

Like I said, everyone had a part to play. But in the end, I feel the lenders helped get the ball rolling in this tragic market experience.

Do you have an opinion?