A Warning About *72 (star-72) Cell Phone Number Scam

by Bruce Simmons :

Last weekend, the CHP was warning folks about a scam that kicked in over the weekend where someone would call an unsuspecting victim saying they're a CHP officer, a phone company employee or some other person of service importance.

After identifying themselves, they would give the call victim some tale of woe that would necessitate their dialing *72 to connect them to someone else.

In the CHP's case, someone calls saying they're an officer and that someone you know has been in an accident and to contact another "officer" for more information, dial star-72 on the keypad, followed by another phone number.

If you don't know, that particular instruction just sets call forwarding on your phone to the number you just entered.

Then, the person involved in the scam can accept all the collect and third-party calls they want, but you get the bill since the calls are all going to your phone.

I used to forward all my phone numbers to one phone, and I can attest that yes, the initial phone number is the one billed, not the phone number who actually connects with the originating call.

The CHP also noted there are different variations of the issue where in one case, you might receive a call from an inmate who only has one call available and he just accidentally called you and could you then do this star-72 (*72) routine.

Try to fight the compassionate side of your phychy, hang up, and call your local law enforcement agency.

Of note: You may wish to confirm this with your cell provider, but I believe *73 turns it off.

This is an important service announcement that many people need to become aware of, so please let others know through your favorite social media. It's important people become aware of this. Thanks.
Source: SF Gate