Who's More Likely To be Found: A Dog or a Cat?

Dogs and Cats
According to a study conducted around 2006, dogs are the more likely of the two animals to be found than lost cats.

The reasons for the return rate on dogs is simple: Dogs have collars with tags. (If the owner is smart about it.)

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It's not that easy to catch a stray
I've spent a lot of hours wrangling lost animals, and they are mostly dogs. But the most frustrating part of the whole process is indeed, how many dogs don't have tags.

The other part of the issue is when people put up lost posters, very few think to put the dogs name on the sign. If you're a good Samaritan, knowing the dogs name can go a long way towards helping catch it. A lot of the time they are scared and only want to run. Hearing their own name called can help calm it do some degree.

If you've ever lost a dog, or found a dog, check your local kennel, ASPC or other animal shelters. They aren't kept that long so you need to be aggressive in contacting these places.

Here are other resources for lost pets:

UPDATE (9/24/08): Speaking of lost dogs, go check out Bring Bella Home. Bella is a circumstantial victim of a Pit Bull attack and ran away during the altercation while her owner defended her from a Pit Bull. Now, they want to be reunited with their lost pet, who has been spotted in areas around the San Jose area.

Please head to their site, and Digg, Stumble, Twitter or what ever tools you have to help them reconnect with their family member. Thanks. And and all help would be appreciated!


  1. I really like the idea of putting the dog’s name on a lost sign/poster. I’ve never seen it done but think it could really help.

  2. Yes dog names, it would be nice. I know I've lost a few that were on the bubble about coming to me or letting me catch them, and if I knew their names, I wouldn't have lost them.


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