AOL Web Interface Issues - Error Code CoFE1700

by Bruce Simmons :

If anyone's noticed that when you use the AOL Email web interface, you get the following error:

tunome mail
Service Error
There was a problem handling your request. An unspecified error has occurred.

The Technical Stuff:
Error Code: C0FE1700
Report ID: 40047-webmail-20080818-195552

I did a web search on the report ID and got nuthin!

I did a web search on the Error Code and found the following pages:

The second link was more specific to my own issues, but it's basically got the same rhetoric you get from basic help services:
  1. Check if your password is correct
  2. Log out, then log back in
  3. Clear Cookies, Cache, History in your browser
  4. Access your e-mail through the AOL® software
No 1: OK,
No 2: Why?
No 3: I'd believe that crap if I didn't have the same problem on three different computer systems
No 4: Never again. That's an insidious piece of software I had on my system, called AOL VR. It was relentless when it thought it needed to have itself upgraded.

Then they wrap it all up with the following:

We are currently working towards fixing this issue. In the meanwhile, you can continue to access your e-mails using the AOL software, for more information check out the online help article titled: Read E-mail

It's not a big issue for me... I click Continue or Try Again and instantly get in... so far. AOL can be so fun to bash. Of course, they make it easy!!


  1. I have a Desktop and a Notebook on my desk going thru the router to broadband to get FireFox to take me to hell...that is, AOL.
    Both machines are using XP Pro SP3 and both get me to and show me all the junk they have discovered today.
    But when I try to access my mail, my Desktop gives me the COFE1700 (UNLESS I USE THE IEKey!) and my Notebook goes right into my mail.
    I think that I CAUSED the problem on the Desktop machine. In a not too lucid moment, I tried to avoid using anything with Activex and I think I did something to my FireFox settings. I have only had the problem for a few months, so I have not had time to try and fix whatever it is that I broke - I don't have very much techinical skill and don't want to make the problem WORSE.
    But, I remember that I used to get my mail OK on my Desktop machine until I did something, but I don't remember what I did.
    The fact that my Notebook does not have the illness makes me believe (and I HATE to say this) that it is NOT an AOL error. The AOL error is that they don't have anyone smart enough or who cares about the problem to offer some VALID information on how to correct the problem.
    The AOL statement that they can "solve any of the COFE" problems is just a typical AOL BS answer. I know about how they do that - I used to work for them before I began to get sick every morning because I had to comply with their requirement that I say what they told me to say rather than the truth!
    I hope someone can use the info about my messin' with FireFox and the IEKey to find the solution.

  2. Hi Rusty... thanks for writing in. Actually, you may have hit something on the head with the ActiveX option.

    I lock all my computers down with NoScript and Adblock on FireFox. I love them. Using them speeds up page loads and keeps the krap from loading up that I don't want.

    Part of this issue was that depsite my running these software shields for a few years, the error message just started popping up in recent times. It could be something new they've added to the sites to collect more consumer info.

    This could very well be the problem. Dang, I really like complaining about AOL.

    I'll have to give this a try, figure out the settings and get back to you.

    Thanks for coming by Rusty.

  3. The Gmail technical support number is there in the Gmail settings. The Gmail settings is there at the top left side of the Gmail interface and you can easily get the Gmail number within the Gmail help option which is there in the Gmail settings.
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