AT&T: Phishing Or Not

I'm presently trying to determine if this incredibly valid looking email addressing my AT&T account is real or not but I am having problems from several angles:

  • The links don't look kosher: There's no www in front of the address, the DOTcom: part looks a touch funky too: blah blah.
  • No matter how I come at the real AT&T website, unlike most businesses, I can't locate an email address I can forward this spam to. Every single option to communicate with AT&T (formerly Cingular) funnels you to creating accounts, or tries to hook you up with a local store to sell you something.
  • Oh, wait, I don't have an AT&T phone or service.

Additionally, the address I received the email from, (idiot @, I put into the McAfee Site Advisor and there is no such domain associated with the cwconnect.* address.

Since I can't touch base with AT&T, I'll just let you folk know what's up and to be cautious about it.