If The Government Can't Run The Mustang Ranch?

The Mustang Ranch has had a rough go at it of late. It's been shut down by the IRS, burned down, and even sold on eBay.

The "Ranch" has had it's storied past, but the most notable part of it's history was when the IRS shut it down in 1990 and took over the operation.

When the IRS shuts down a business, it tries to run it. By 1991, the business had failed, shut down and was sold off piece-meal to try and recoup some of it's losses on the lost taxes.

So my (humorous?) question is this: If our government can't run a whore house successfully, just exactly how is it going to bail us out of this mortgage crisis by taking over the banking industry!!! They messed up the oldest profession in the books that literally runs itself, if let alone!!

And as the deficit hits $455 billion, just a tad over last years #'s of $162 billion, I have to wonder just where it's all headed and when is it going to "correct" itself. Cause as we all know, every process corrects itself in one way or the other.

That's all I'm saying. That I'm worried still and words about a plan does not make me feel better, like apparently they did with Stock Market investors last Monday.

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