Ocean Living: On It Or In It. Your Option

It's an interesting prospect, the idea of actually living on or in the oceans. That is, we're not talking house boats in the classic sense.

Did you know?
Oceans cover 225 million square miles and that accounts for approximately 71 percent of the planet's surface. More or less, that's a lot of unused real estate.

With technology as it develops, it makes the idea a possibility. As it is, it's not just a dream anymore, but a potential. At least for vacations.

GM WAS working on an underwater hotel called Atlantis. (Oh how original) but then there's the dream called Hydropolis, and since I couldn't really determine anything from that website, I found a reference to it in Wikipedia. Good 'ol wiki.

Then there's the project that slated to open in Sept 2009, called the Poseidon Undersea Resort.

These previously mentioned projects have been on the books for some time now, but there is some reality to the idea of the development of floating homes. Houseboats, but, bigger, better.

Dutch designer Koen Olthuis's firm, Waterstudio, devotes itself to waterborne structures like houses, garages & apartment buildings. Yeesh. Make sure you're not prone to sea sickness. (Additional water borne tidbits).

I'm guessing that watercraft sales will of course start to develop alongside the development of water based homes because I ain't swimming to work folks. Plain and simple. I already put about 70 miles a week on my bicycle going to work and back. I ain't swimming!

As it is, coastal regions have the advantage of converting to floating real estate, but we have quite a bit of time before the sea levels get that high, regardless of whether it's the much maligned global warming or just Earth itself slowly changing.

So for now, it's a slow developing dream that does have some tangibility, and in the meantime, we can follow the developments as they progress. Maybe in our lifetime we'll start seeing the realization of these new communities. Maybe.

As it is now, it's just cool to check out!

source: CNN Money