Open Open Open - No More. Bye Bye Mervyns, And Others

Dang... Mervyns was my staple shopping zone for everything I wore. What the heck am I gonna do now?

Mervyns has announced a huge going out of business sale just in time for the holidays and will be closing their doors after a rather robust business cycle.

It was first opened in 1949 in San Lorenzo, Calif., by Atherton, CA resident Mervin Morris.

The thing is, they aren't the only ones having going out of business sales. Other stores turning to vapor from the crap economy forced on us from bad loans and investment "strategies" are:
  • Linens 'n Things Inc.
  • Shoe Pavilion Inc.
  • Sharper Image Corp.
  • Wickes Furniture
  • Levitz Furniture
Of course, the most tragic loss of a company to date, is Mothers Cookies!

If you've noticed on your store shelves, the Mothers Cookies are going away, gone or not being resupplied and it's due to their bankruptcy.

Mother's initially operated in Oakland, CA for 92 years, but moved in 2006 after going under new ownership.

The new parent company, Archway & Mother's Cake and Cookie Co. of Battle Creek, Mich. couldn't stay afloat with the product and sited rising fuel and ingredient prices as to the reasons for filing bankruptcy.