Police Blotters Can Be Humorous

In most cases, the police blotter from my local region has some serious and sad events listed in it. The perpetrators suck, plain and simple.

It's not that funny when my mom ends up in it. (Long story.)

With that in mind, I'd like to pass on what might be considered a social commentary to the denizens of Atherton, CA. One of the wealthiest zip codes in the country. The homes are so big, I thought they were hotels when I first saw them. Until I realized these weren't neighboring hotels at all, but just freakin' big homes, or estates. So this is what an estate looks like. Zoinks.

The calls that end up in the police blotter from Atherton can be a source of morning funnies most days and my co-workers hover about the morning paper to check out some of the latest travesties:
  1. Police called for man singing loudly in the shower.
  2. Woman spotted lurking around a home with a bag.
  3. 2 men were spotted sitting in a car.
  4. A garage door was open.
  5. A leaf blower was reported to be too loud.
  6. A dog was spotted in the street.
  7. Men were spotted (again, but different ones) sitting in a car.
  8. Barefooted man practicing Tai-Chi in the street.
  9. 3 Shopping carts were seen in the middle of the street.
But wait, here's the results of some of the calls:
  • #2: The woman was part of the house staff. And the owner didn't even know it. Wow!
  • #3: Work ordinances. Can't start work before 7 AM. It was 6:30 AM when they were spotted lurking!
  • #7: See #3.
  • #9: Atherton PD responded, and determined this to be the case, and they determined the carts to be a traffic hazard. They in turn, called public works. (I wonder who public works called?) Albiet to say, I'm not sure why the original caller didn't just go out there... then again, these "hotels" are on massive lots and it might have taken them 30 minutes to get there!!

Despite my picking on them, they are good, friendly people. Just good people with lots of time on their hands I guess.