Saying Hello

As of today, I've got myself 301 posts of thoughts, consumer advocate like stuff, computery things and what not.

This isn't my only newsletter, but it's where I've focused a few of my older newsletters.

I used to try running a blog for each subject but it became such a pain in my... that I was getting ready to burn out, yet I really wanted to communicate what I think are interesting tidbits, or promulgate information I feel strongly about.

I want to say thanks to everyone who has transitioned to this site and for those who keep coming back to check out my newest posts.

Right now, I've got lots of cool things lined up for you in the coming months. I've already got posts ready to go all the way through December, so I hope you keep coming back, because I'm gonna keep putting the info up.

Again, thanks for coming by and PLEASE, feel free to add comments or thoughts to my posts. This can be a community effort of sharing info as we move forward. But I do filter comments to splat the spam, so be patient some days.


Bruce E. Simmons
(No, I'm not telling you what the E. stands for. And yes, that's me, working hard on my patio.)