Steve Fossett Plane Found

Can you imagine hiking along in the mountains all by yourself and finding $100 bills strewn about the forest?

That's what happened for one hiker who discovered a wallet and identification cards belonging to the missing Steve Fossett. Soon afterwards, an aerial search on late Wednesday uncovered the wreckage of his missing plane, but no word on a body yet.

The ID's, a sweatshirt and the plane were discovered just West of the town of Mammoth Lakes, CA.

Search efforts need to be hurried for his remains due to winter weather approaching the area that may stave off any potential results.

I hope for the family sakes, they can put this to rest sooner than later. It was a most unfortunate circumstance that we had to lose such an adventurer who set our imaginations aflame with his exploits and endeavors.


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UPDATE: News is that they have found remains in the plane, but DNA confirmation needs to be determined.