VIRUS Warning "Funds Wired Into Your Account" [Computer]

I got a message from my IT department today that indicated that an e-mail with the subject header: "funds wired into your account are stolen" is floating around here, and that if we see the email, TO DELETE IT.

Apparently the payload (The Attached File) is an executable called Infostealer, and can be bad for you, your data, your secret info on your hard drive.

Bruce Note:

Don't open attachments without verifying, unless you expect one.
Don't open attachments especially if it's an executable.  That's downright nuts!!

The sad part is that someone's email address could be hijacked, or their email address book could be hijacked and you'd never know until it was too late.  Don't let it get too late!

My grandmother tried wiping my hard drive some years ago and that was my first and LAST mistake with blindly opening attachments from anyone... known or otherwise.