Your Fuel Economy and Hyper Mileage

by Bruce Simmons :

I came across an article about a man named Wayne Gerdes who wrung an amazing 84 miles per gallon from his standard-issue Ford Ranger pick-up by using several interesting tricks and driving techniques.

I thought I was all the rage, when I used to coast in neutral to stop signs and lights, I took my tail gate off, over inflated my tires (Which ended up prematurely wearing the middle-inside tread) and what not to squeeze an extra 3 mpg out my truck, but 84 mpg!! Wow.

I found the hypermilage website which gives you some of the tricks of their hobby at rather interesting.

Some of their tips on the home page are:
>> The first step toward saving gas and increasing mpg: Always know your gas mileage after each visit to the gas pump.
>> The second step: do you drive agressively but not know it?
>> The third step: How long are you sitting still at red lights? Video
>> The fourth step: Keeping yourself moving in traffic congestion
>> The fifth step: Slowly accelerate after stops
>> The sixth step: Your cruise control saves gas (but not by using it they way you might think)

Wayne Gerdes, Mr. Hypermiler himself, has a website:

Here's one collection of resource links he provides at

Here's a few products from to ponder if you're interested:
Improving Fuel Economy: Money In Your Pocket
Anatomy of Vehicle Performance: Cars, Pick-Ups, Vans, SUVs and Motorcycles

Have fun improving your gas mileage.. I have to go work on my MPG!!