Bagel Stores in Menlo Park: Hear My Orders!

The following events took place over the course of a few weeks time of experiments but I have consolidated it down to what it looks like today for continuity purposes:

On some days, I like to walk to work, grab my bagel, hit Starbucks and be on my way. Doesn't seem that hard of a challenge really, but a challenge it became!

My first stop: The Posh Bagel on Santa Cruz: Sometimes you're opened at 6 like your sign says, sometimes you're not! That's OK, I could adjust my walk time a little. But when your customer asks for their bagel to be toasted, the correct answer would be "yes". Not, "But it's good the way it is."

Yes, you heard right.

That's a fine attitude to have in this economy. I know if I had insisted, I would have gotten what I wanted, but it was curious enough for me to take note and move on. They just lost a confirmed weekly customer.

You can see the reviews they have received over on

Next down the street on Santa Cruz was Bagel Street Cafe.

I've seen the great reviews on the place and admittedly, it's open on time every day, at 6 AM like it says it is. That's nice. It seems that the non-bagel fare is what draws people to this establishment.

Maybe it's the way I order a bagel. When I asked for a toasted bagel here, the response was "It does not need to be toasted."

With a raised eyebrow, and already a shortened patience meter, I took my cue and moved onward.

You can see their reviews over at also.

Where, oh where could I find a bagel to have with my coffee?

Finally, I thought I'd try the bagels at Starbucks. The Asiago Cheese Bagel. It's the only one they offer at my store and when I ask for it to be toasted, they ask back: "And would you like cream cheese with that after we toast it?"


You mean I can have my bagel toasted, and not be questioned about it? Weird, I was getting used to being told no.

So there you have it. A quick walk down Santa Cruz Blvd on any given morning and all the hard work to get a toasted bagel has finally been achieved in the simplest fashion: With a yes.

Thank you Starbucks.