Posting in Blogs, Keywords, and Comments

by Bruce E. Simmons

After a little bit of time tinkering with the world of Blogs, here's a tidbit about using and placing keywords in or on your posts:

You don't necessarily need to add keywords to your posts!

If your content of your post has well formed phrases that could be used as keywords in your post, then you already have keywords in place in your post and you don't have to go the extra length to add them to a keyword field. (My experience has shown me.)

The phrases will already draw search engine traffic.

The same can be said for comments, left either on your own blog or where you leave comments.

If comments contain popular phrases, they act as keyword magnets too.

With that in mind, I try to be as concise as possible and comment and post accordingly!

The advantage to this premise is that if your comment draws a web search result, the web searching denizen may go check you out after finding your comments on the blog they've been perusing.

Of course, nothing takes the place of good, old fashion forum interchange to generate interest in your frame of mind and writing.

I've tested these premises and my posts do fine without specific keywords. So rather than wasting my time duplicating a term, I categorize my conversation and add that category to the keyword field, if I use keywords.

Thanks for the inspiration to write this John.