The Problem With Televised Bowling

Professional Bowling has one of the slowest, bad reputations on TV as far as sports go. Don't get me wrong... I love watching it on TV. But other things come on, and I'm out of there because I love the other things just a bit more.

The sport has a hard core fan-base, and the PBA has tried to juice up their telecasts with extras, but when you continually broadcast your big events while NASCAR, NFL, MLB or other big name events are on, you are seriously doomed in the ratings category.

You've also got one man at a time up, doing two frames at a time and lots of quiet time between shots, with a little drama every now and then.

I can't tell you what the answer is for sure to help them out of their corner of the ratings gutter, but maybe that the PBA should make their televised events available on Hulu, or their own site, add the advertisements to the on-line content like everyone else is doing, and create that extra dimension of coverage.

Maybe they kill the 2 lane courtesy rule and let the semi-runner ups bowl at the same time. This would create more of a continual amount of momentum, shorten the broadcast, retain viewer attention from the shorter broadcast and make it more interesting. Because right now, it's like watching one flower grow.

It will at least give them one tiny foot up where they didn't before. And heck, if I had really thought this through, maybe I would have put this up on my entertainment site instead, Cinema Static. Oh well.