Real Estate: Home Inspections

by Bruce Simmons :

Someone asked me about whether they should get a home inspection before selling their home.

I wrote back:

A home inspection is something usually done by the buyers. They don't always do it, which surprises me, but it is what it is. The only advantage of you getting a home inspection would be to discover any issues that you may have to address / repair during a contract.

These issues will be presented to you when the buyers have their own home inspection, AND may very well have their own inspection regardless of whether you do or not.

But if there is a major issue underlying the home, knowing is half the battle and you can have it taken care of before getting into a contract, to keep the contract from going on and on. But that is an extreme case.

Buyers: I only have this to say to you: ALWAYS get a home inspection. Even if it's a new home. In one example, a split seam on the septic tank was noted on a 3 year old home! You just never know so play it safe.