Wanna Talk To A Human Instead of an Answering System?

Tired of the automated phone systems when you call for help? Tired of not being asked the right questions at your time of distress? Just looking to talk to an actual human?

Or do you want to share an experience that will help others circumnavigate the automated answering system of a mega company and you've learned the secret!

Paul English is tired of it too and that's why he started Gethuman.

Based in Boston, he's a consumer advocate and entrepreneur who got tired of this system instilled by corporations that ends up dodging callers and started this list and effort back in 2004.

The premise behind the site is a movement with a goal. That goal
Is to convince enterprises that providing high quality customer service and having satisfied customers costs much less than providing low quality customer service and having unsatisfied customers.
It's an admirable goal if I do say so myself!

They also have a GetHuman Customer Service Club that consists of companies that have proven themselves to have superior customer service.

In December of 2005 when I first came across this site, they had a list of 90 companies. My take is that they've grown just a teeny bit since then. Today, they have a list of 778 companies. That list also has user ratings associated with each company.

I think it's worth checking out!

GetHuman.com home page
Image Credit: Screen Capture from Get Human.com site.