Cool Things (More) In Google Earth

Wanna see some airplanes?

Try typing this in your Google Earth window:  (It's been said this works in google maps, but Earth is funner...  er, or, more fun.)
44°53'35.66"N,   93°12'12.35"W.  Set your eye altitude for 1200 feet.  (Eye altitude is on the far, bottom right.)
40°45'51.84"N,   74°00'00.61"W.  Set your eye altitude for 900 feet.
This is called Blackbird Park.  These are two retired birds, engines pulled, but for public visiting... free.
34°36'9.48"N,  118° 5'8.86"W.  Set your eye altitude to 3268 feet.  (Yes, that's a U2 behind them)

Check out this big bird at Edwards Air Force Base:
34°56'49.90"N,  117° 53'09.43"W.  Set your eye altitude to 3263 feet.

Check out this display collection at Edwards:
 34°56'7.16"N, 117°52'54.19"W.  Eye Altitude:  3000 ft.

Of course, if you don't want to do all the typing, and have Google Earth go this Google Earth Blog link and get the add-on for the SR-71's, and planes in flight kmz files.

Have fun gang.