The Joys and Trivialities of Holiday Travel

Ahh, what a wonderful holiday I had.

I drove down to So Cal to visit family and during the transit, the award for A-Hole drivers on the way down would go to BMW's.  More of those cars were prone to be in their own death race rally than the rest of us.  Gotta love it when you're doing 80 and a car flies past you like you're in reverse.  When the speed limit was 55, everyone went 70.  Now that it's 70, everyone is going 85 or 90, thinking they are talented enough to actually drive at that rate of speed.

We then visited family and proceeded to get the flu, an upper respiratory thing or strep throat.  Or whatever mutant germ these all formed to attack me with their special version of their green mucal invader.  It seemed everyone had something different. I'm waiting for all the different germs to cancel each other out!

A bunch of us had a boys night out while I was down there.  I think the girls spiked our drinks or food. Each of us fell ill with something.  The odd part is, we all fell ill with something different.  Insidious species, the female gender, can be!

On the drive home to the Bay Area, Lexus drivers took the A-Hole cake award on this leg.  In a traffic pattern that's a mile long with nowhere to go, I have to wonder exactly what is that is on fire as they change lanes 10x in a mile or two.  Just where are you going.  All for naught it seemed, since we seem to be on the same off-ramp 40 miles down the road looking at our next caffeine fix for the next leg of the trip.

The holidays were fine and hope you have good ones too!