A Vent about ACDSee 9

I've been a faithful user of ACDSee products since they've been shareware.  I love(d) it.  But I think it's getting too big for it's own britches.

I've got ACDSee 9.  It's installed on different computers between home and work.  And they (The Photo Manager) are all doing the same thing.

I have to start the image manager 3x to get it to work properly.  I sometimes can't do the same thing more than 4 times before it takes a crap and it's just getting annoying.  Well, if anything, it makes me leery of any newer version since they've abandoned this version to bigger and better versions.  (I keep checking their site for updates for this version, to no avail.) 

It would seem I will probably need to buy a newer version and HOPE it is more stable than this POC that is driving me crazy.  At this juncture, I'm not sure what to do.  I'm acclimated to their features but I should not have to acclimate.  And the pecuilar behavior that exists on completely different computers just makes me suspicious.

I don't want long boot times
I don't want to have to start it more than once to use it.
I want to use it and not have it crash, which it does more often than not.
It takes forever to load at times too...  well, actually, it loads slow everytime.

So now I have to start tooling around with different apps yet again until I find something useful.


That's my mini-vent because I was in a rush to look at images and couldn'd do it.  Thanks for your patience!