Computer: Internet Auction Fraud

Internet auction fraud remains the most frequently reported online crime. Auction fraud complaints made up about 45 percent of the complaints received by the IC3 in 2006.

Complaints for non-delivery of merchandise represented 19 percent of complaints & the median dollar loss reported per complaint was $724, according to the FBI.

Founded in 2000, the IC3 is a clearing house for all kinds of cyber-crime complaints designed to track the prevalence of Internet fraud in the U.S. It is run in partnership with the National White Collar Crime Center.

I only use Ebay, and I only deal with sellers who have a 99% or greater positive review mix. (Unless they've sold thousands of items, then I look for 100%) I also use PayPal as a buffer between myself and the seller AND I ALWAYS use my PO or UPS box for deliveries. ((I'm just generally paranoid.))