A Fascianting Cell Phone Precaution

The Potential Problem
The legend has it that a woman gets her purse and cell phone stolen. A few minutes later her husband gets a text message "from her", asking for their PIN number to their ATM.


True or not, no clue in this day and age of "Internet expression", but it makes for a great example. Actually, it's probably not quite true or it's a bit embellished. The tale went on to say their bank account was emptied and that's not entirely possible these days from an ATM or in person at the bank or the bank would be seriously liable. But it makes an interesting point to ponder.

A Potential Answer
In your cell phone, don't disclose your relationships of the people in your contact / phone book list. In the above example, the crooks knew who the husband was from how he was ID'd in the phone and played him hard.

The warning goes on in further detail: If you get text messages from friends or family to meet you somewhere, you should call back via voice connection to confirm. Just to be safe.

Maybe I'll just append all my contacts with the word "cop".