Some December UFO's Finally Explained

Northern England had a few UFO sightings over the holidays.  Some folk saw floating lights that just up and vanished after a bit of time.

In some of the cases from December 27th, one woman called in stating that the sightings might have been her doing when her wedding guests had released 50 orange, candle-lit Chinese lanterns into the sky.  They rose in the air and burned for 10 to 20 minutes, she said, adding that "they are biodegradable so they tend to just disappear after a while."

(Bruce:  I would they disappear and not burn down a house somewhere!! Eesh!)

You know what this means now?  UFO researchers are going to have to over all their sightings and check for wedding events and other party functions around their sightings now.  As if they weren't muddled enough with all their fact checking...  oh, wait, it would seem only a small percent ever try to verify while the rest just toot horns, and jump and shout and run about.

You can check out the article on AOL NEWS.