ACDSee Doesn't Want My Business

When you're really big, you don't need to pay attention to the individual.

Some time ago I got an email advertisement from ACDSee that sported a package sale.  Yet I couldn't order it online.  And when I called to order it interactively the sales reps didn't know what the offer was either.  They've sent my forwarded email to the sales coordination department (Or some such named dept) to look it over and in both cases, I was told they would get back to me.

Despite reminder emails from me as to what's up, no one replies.  I've already spoken with 2 reps.  Both said the same thing.  I wouldn't even mind it if they came back with the excuse that it was a mistake.  But instead, I get the silent blow-off treatment.  Nice.

Well, there's always Picasa 3 or the much vaunted GIMP 2 or even InfanView.  All free, all just as powerful. 

Picasa takes some getting used to.  It constantly wants to index your hard drive, no matter how many times you tell it not to.  It also has a different way of showing the images.  If you have privacy issues with images, I don't think this is for you.

InfanView is just that, a viewer.  Works fine for me.

GIMP is complicated, but I believe to be the most effective piece of software there is out there and at least being open-source, you can get the service you expect from open-source.  Unlike the service I've received after being a 10-year running loyal customer to ACDSee.

They're getting too big.  I'm too small.