Fascinating: A Bit About Digg Financials

Here's some fascinating info on Digg from an article, Digging For Digg's Revenue Model
by Catharine P. Taylor; MediaPost Publications :

(n 2007 Digg made $4.8 million and a posted a loss of $2.8 million.

Through 2008's first three quarters, it had $6.4 million in revenue (good news!), but lost $4 million (bad).

In other words, it's not even close to being profitable. (I can report the numbers because
BusinessWeek had the good fortune, or the reportorial chutzpah, to secure a copy of privately held Digg's most recent financial statement. )
I'm dazzled by the numbers, but not surprised. Digg is a pretty central focus point of social networking on the web, which in turn draws others along the way. It's a hard beast to ignore, especially for the serious blogger.

Here's the BusinessWeek article, if interested.
Thought you'd be interested!