Locking In That Foil Roll

So how often have you had the roll of saran wrap or tin foil come flying out of it's container so that you end up covering half the kitchen in either? And how many times have you wanted to take that roll box out and run it over with your car?

Now, just how long have you been using tin foil or saran wrap? Have you ever really looked at the end of your Reynolds Aluminum Foil box? No. Maybe you should. I never did until recently.

At the end of these boxes is a small printed statement that says:

"Press here to lock end"

What? Is this for real? Are you kidding me? Am I that much of a blind moron? (Don't answer that one.)

There's a perforated tab section at the end of each box that you can press in to lock that dang roll of foil or wrap inside the box so you will never have to deal with flying roll tubes again!

I just found this out and I'm amazed at how simple of an item that's there that I have never seen.

It's not on all containers, but it's on almost all of them. ... You're running off to the kitchen right now, aren't you?

Thanks to Karen, via Amy for sharing this with me.