PETA Defends Nudity

This is just an opinion from the hip, but I passed by a TV where PETA was trying to defend itself in a FOX News interview on it's approach to its campaign where they pitch nude stars to promote not wearing real fur or to become a vegetarian.

So basically, reverting to the "sex sells" theme, to me starts to cheapen them. They no longer stand above the rest. Now they are swimming with the rest.

I have nothing against PETA. To each their own, but I don't think people draped in skimpy rags or angled in such a way to see most of their body and calling them naked are going to persuade people one way or the other. If someone already is leaning towards the idea of not wearing fur, well, they probably already are. If not, this won't do it. And if it does, are they a keeper of a client, or just someone outside the 1% retention sales effort that will flit in and flit out when they find they don't have the focus to be a friend of PETA.

I mean come on now if I came across this,

Annalise Braakensiek posing "nude" for PETA
Annalise Braakensiek posing "nude" for PETA

I'd um... ah, be willing to have a conversation on the virtues of not being cruel to animals... yea. Cute lamb, huh?

But they do have some incredibly awesome causes under their PETA umbrella. They just seem to have an overtly aggressive way of approaching some of them...

The present video on PETA TV at their website, PETA, shows one of their programs where they build dog houses for families who can't afford them. It's a sad vid. Of course, now that they're into staging things, can you believe them? This is where their credibility comes into play now.

I WAS going to host a few YouTube vids here, but they're too graphic for my taste and you need to be warned if you go to these links, they HAVE GRAPHIC KILL AND TORTURE SCENES.

YouTube Vid 1: Official PETA video, Vid 2: Exotic Animal Cruelty.

After seeing these, maybe the nude angle ain't so bad. At least I can stomach that!