SpyWare Detectors: A Reader Asks A Question

The question posed to me was:

Some “experts” have say you should employ at least two spy ware detection programs since this stuff comes in so many forms. But I've However, I have also heard that running more than one of these programs at a time can cause problems if you are not careful about their compatibility. What's your take on this?

Bobby: I haven’t come across any blaring outcry of conflict issues BUT with that being said, you probably don’t want to run any of these programs simultaneously, but there are good resolutions within reach of any user. If you don’t already have spyware detection embedded in your AntiVirus software, there are apps you can purchase or processes (Like Yahoo’s or Google’s Toolbars) that you can get for free.

Different applications come with different sets of rules, so multiple platforms are good ideas. But if you are running an app fulltime in the background, you probably want to play it safe and only have one running. This can eliminate that potential system conflict you're worried about, and possibly prevent resource usage bottlenecks and what not. You can always check with your software provider for potential conflicts.

Additionally, there are some good free utilities out on the web to scan your system with. The most heavily used and relied up free spyware removal programs for automated spyware detection and removal are
Ad-Aware, Spybot S&D and the recently introduced Microsoft Anti-Spyware.

I use Ad-Aware and Spybot. When I run scane, I run Ad-Aware first, then follow up with Spybot. They compliment each other very well

Check out these links below for good reading in regards to your question:





I’m including the below link for the frightening statistics on the right side of their web page: http://security.utm.edu/spyware.php

Thanks for the question.