Bowflex Recall

Wow, haven't seen a recall on such a widely advertised item before, but for you Bowflex fans, here it is:

Bowflex® Ultimate 2 Home Gyms are being recalled because the horizontal seat rail is designed to be latched in a vertical position for storage. If the seat rail is not manually latched, it can fall unexpectedly on the user or a bystander, posing a risk of serious injury.  18 injuries have been reported so far.

This affects ~ 78,000 units... a few more than their 68,000 home gym recall that took place in December of 2007!

The injuries are not minor, as some have required stitches or staples.  Ouch.

What's the saying?  If it doesn't kill you, it will make you stronger. 

For additional info, you can contact Nautilus at (800) 259-9019 or visit

Source:  U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission