When I Say "Understood" - It Really Is

It's rarely a good thing when I reply with a single word, basically, "Understood." It's not bad either, but usually, it means I see the brick wall and I stop here.

I picked up this phrase after watching a show called DUE SOUTH starring Paul Gross who played Constable Benton Fraser.

Fraser was a wood-lore savy Canadian Mounted Police officer, attached to a Chigaco police precinct, for reasons that we don't need to explore at this juncture! (LOL). But the character infected me. I've most notably picked up two terms from the show that seemed to not only stick with me, but I tend to use.

One is "Thank you kindly." I use that all the time these days. It's a nice way to say thanks and it stands out.

The other phrase, I rarely use, is "Understood." Fraser used this catch phrase to reply to people who made no sense, was in the wrong or was just damn moot to the point of the situation. When there was really no point in arguing with someone, or he was on to something beyond what was being said, he tended to reply with this infamous, short, one word reply, "Understood."

Here's an example I can come up with: Fraser might be talking to a bad guy with a gun. He's asked him to put the gun down. The bad guy might say something to the affect that no, he's here to rob the store. Fraser would then say, "Understood", but with the intent that it's moot to try and talk him out of it, but that he (Fraser) will be disarming him in some form in the immediate future, but there's no reason to go into that now.

It's classic, it's meaningful and says that there is so much more going on in my head, but what is the point of me even going there? Whether it 'is understood', or 'what is understood' or 'understood by whom', it just says - "fine."

I've learned a long time ago that sometimes, trying to make your point with some folk is meaningless and a waste of everyone's time. When they're set in their ways to the point of using stubborn emotional blinders to any other process, I just don't see the point. It's better to just have an understanding and move on. Trying to get someone else to see your point when they are NEVER going to change is more frustrating than anything else.

And that, is why you sometimes see or hear my one word response, "Understood", in our conversation. For those who know me, if they care, they inquire. For others, it's a sufficient end to the conversation. "Nuff said, as it's been put.

Thank you kindly for hearing my rant.