Time Capsule - Headlines from 6 Months Ago (Oct 08)

These are headlines from early October of 2008
  • Market Confidence Plunges
  • Bailout Package Sparks a Worldwide sell-off
  • Bank of America Reports 68% Profit Drop
  • EBay To Trim 1,600 Jobs
  • Dow Dips Below 10,000
  • Rescue Plan Woes Contribute to Sell-Off
  • European Governments Go Their Own Way on Crisis
  • Fed to Provide As Much As $900 Billion In Loans to Banks
  • Oil Prices Fall as Financial Turmoil Heats up Worldwide
  • Iceland Going Broke?
  • All 5 Stock Market Measures drop
A chilling Headline from that week:
  • N. Korea to Restart (Nuclear) Facility.
I have to wonder as I put this together in October, what things will be like when this post goes to print from it's timed posting.

The day before I wrote this, I was in the dentist office getting a tooth filling and I watched the DOW drop 200 points while I was in the Dentist chair. (He's got TV's hanging over the chairs.) My filling represents a 200 point drop in the stock market.