Time Capsule: Headlines From 6 Months (Jan) Ago

  • Locally, Palo Alto (Palo Altans) don't want more housing in their neighborhoods. Meanwhile, the city still enforces resident-only rules in some of their parks. Go figure.
  • Tesla was going to move their HQ to San Jose, but the economy stopped them in their tracks. Oh... no pun intended there!
  • CA OK'd a mandatory 2 unpaid days off a month for CA state employees.
  • A low snowpack threatens to make 2009 the worst drought for CA. (That's what happens when you cultivate a desert folks!)
  • For some reason, identities of anti-Prop 8 donors were trying to be kept secret. A judge blocked that ruling, quoting the laws intent to protect the public. (Now why would someone dumped funds and still remain unknown? Guess they should have thought of that one before they did it!)
  • Ill governor Blagojevich was eviced from office... not a single lawmaker came to his defense. (Ya think!?)
  • Obama declared that it's shameful that Wallstreet paid their people $18 billion in bonuses, that's BILLION, while still asking for bailout money. Obama says they need to show restraint, discipline and repsonsibility.
  • Unemployment jumps to a 25 year high.
  • Royal Caribbean's 2008 fourth quarter earnings drop 98%.