Spoiler Chat About The Movie CHRONICLE

Spoiler Chat About The Movie CHRONICLE

THERE ARE SPOILERS HERE and maybe you should check out my movie review of Chronicle first before continuing!

I just got out of the movie theater after seeing Chronicle, starring Dane DeHaan (True Blood, In Treatment), Alex Russell & Michael B. Jordan (Red Tails, Parenthood, Friday Night Lights).  I want to chat about some of the details of the movie that I feel I couldn't put in my spoiler-free review.

It was a fun movie and all and came away having enjoyed my movie-going experience.  But in my movie review of Chronicle, I point out a few things that were glossed over during the movie.

Andrew (DeHaan) is pretty much the primary character and is the troubled, tormented social outcast kid who takes a lot of crap from everyone.  When his cousin Matt (Russell) and his friend Steve (Jordan) find the hole in the ground, what drew them in was a sound coming from the hole, and they seemed pretty brave about diving in.

The thing they encounter in the back of the cave is barely really touched on, but we see enough of it to realize that they're touching it... well, Steve touching it, causes it to turn colors and they get zapped.  The thing is cool, because what we did see looks like a big quartz crystal with wiggly tendrils in it.  I think.

Things progress from there as they three friends toy with their new powers. 

Early on they go back to check out the hole during the day, but they find it filled in and the river bed it's located in being cordoned off by what look like a lot of security guards.  They don't go into who or what it is that has filled in the hole or cordoning off the area.

The movie seems to deal with how the kids learn to develop their control of the power and when Andrew gets out of hand, they're pretty quick in recognizing they need rules.  Now, if Andrew would just play along...

The effects of the powers, at first I thought were moderately decent, but only because of the hand-held camera work.  But at times, they give you great stationary camera shots and you can see that they did put some work into the effects.

The hand-held camera gimmick is getting a bit old, but payed out really well when they were inside the VW Bug and it gets picked up.  It's here where you experience the dramatic event happening to one of the characters and it pulled me right along.

I think they gelled over a bit how Matt had to deal with Andrew, once Andrew went rogue, especially the moment with the statue arm & spear thing.  But I didn't mind Andrew going rogue at first because he pretty much took it out on the bullies in his life.  Sure, that might have been predictable, but don't we always want to see when the dimwits get their up-commence?  I do.

I also think they left a ton of room for a sequel.

Who covered up the hole in the ground?  What organization did that?  And when Matt is talking to the camera by himself saying that he will find out what this is all about and what not, I could see where the glazed over details from the movie actually as having been intentionally preserved, leaving room and material for a sequel.  I'd love to know what "it" was that gave them their powers.  And how they're being connected to each other worked out too? Remember the random nose bleeds by Matt, or Steve knowing exactly were Andrew was?  That was never touched on.

All in all, Chronicle is a fun flick and not a waste of money at all to go see.