GMAIL Kicking Out Users & How To Save An Email You're Editing

For the longest time now, I've noticed how using Gmail (Which I've adopted long ago and can never go back to standard inboxes) has been forcing users to re-sign back in at certain intervals.  It's not a bad thing.  Staying logged in forever is a security risk you take, no matter what machine you're on.  Though I must admit, unless Gmail queries you to sign back in every day, it's a bit of a flaky security measure.

But it's there and I did not mind.  Until today.

I was typing up a lengthy email and at one point, decided to hit "Save Now" to save what I had entered into my draft email.  And there it was, the dreaded request to sign back in.  Turns out that even if you're in the middle of drafting an email, there's always the possibility that you will be forced to sign back in.

The #fail of the issue was that I wanted to save the email at the stage I was at.  I wasn't sure when the last autodraft or autosave occurred, if ever.  And I could not, because Gmail required me to sign in before doing this.  It looked like I was going to have to close my window and come at Gmail as if I was signing in new.

Seriously?  Of all the tech at Google's disposal, and they can't determine when to not interrupt a user?  And as far as I'm concerned, interrupting a user in the middle of an email draft is a bit frustrating.

I thought about copying out the email to another program while I did this but I started to panic because I wanted to retain my formatting and such.  Notepad won't do that and Word adds it's own background formatting code.  But then an idea plowed into my head!

Saving Your Email in Gmail While Logging Back In
Instead of mucking with the session I had open, I thought I'd open a new window and sign in there.

Sure enough, signing in, in a new web browser session saved me the worries of having to close out my hard-written, lengthy email and all it's formatting!

That's that!

Hope this helps at least one person out there!  Then this recanting would not be in vain!