STARBUCKS - I wish I can Hear Myself Think In There

I'm not sure about your local Starbucks, but I have two that I walk past in the mornings in Menlo Park on my way to work.  About twice a week I visit one of them to partake in their goodies.  (Those maple scones will be the end of my trim waistline if I'm not careful!)

But there's one thing I've noticed in both locations... and that's how blasted loud the interior can be with their piped-in music.

The music is so loud in both places that I find myself either turning off my own electronics attached to my earphones, or I have to crank it up so loud that I can't hear the people over my own music, just so I can hear my own music.  That doesn't seem right.  At first I thought it was just a location specific choice, but when I visited the second location today, it seems it might be a corporate choice to have the interior blasting away.

Starbucks, I love ya, but if I can't hear myself think, it makes the Peet's just down the street, with it's quiet, studious atmosphere almost an equal option.

If you could, could you turn it down a notch or two.  NOT OFF... just down.  I'd love that myself!  Thanks!