Don't Fall For the New Twitter Follower Scam!

I don't know about you, but a lot of people I've heard of tend to follow back fellow Twitter users who "follow" them.  But I have news for you folks.  Not everyone cares about following you and are pretty much lying through their digital teeth to you.

I have a Twitter account that seems to get a few new followers an hour or on slow days, I'd say 3 or 4 a day.  And yet, oddly enough, my follower numbers barely inch up.

That's because these folks are what I call spam followers.  All they want is for you to feel compelled to follow them back and then they get the numbers.  Accounts with a high number of followers get more umph in the social stratosphere.

I don't follow people back immediately.  I wait.

On another account, I tend to direct message my new followers with a thanks.  I've noticed that some of the accounts I direct message, despite being just a few minutes old, have already unfollowed me.

That's when I first started noticing this effect.

But then I have this other Twitter account, whose email I check about once a week.  And I usually have around 25 to 40 new followers.  Or at least that's what I've been seeing in my inbox for new followers.  But today I checked my numbers and my followers on this particular account was 2.  This, after deleting about 27 emails informing me of my new fan base of adoring followers.


The internet can be an opportunistic place to hang out.  I for one don't like supporting the shallow character people or organizations like DISH TV, so I have a few practices I try to adhere to.

One of those practices is to sit back and wait before following someone back.  That way I'm not giving them more internet power juice than they deserve.  Most people don't care, so this is moot, but I think it's at least an interesting internet tidbit!