Blocking Games In Facebook

Are you sick of all the game notifications you've been getting from some of your friends on Facebook?  They can be stopped or blocked!

Yea...  these game notifications can be distracting, to say the least.  A few years ago it was easy to block out game updates.  That's because with every update, there was an icon in the upper right of the notification window that allowed you the option to block messages from that game.  That came with every update.  I used my generously, because frankly, I could give a crap about Mob Wars or Farmville.

It was actually quite shocking to discover just how much some of my "friends" played those games.  But frankly, I don't care if Craig just bought the farm full of golden pumpkins with a witch option in October.  Nah.

But as Facebook updated and upgraded (Though I really wish they'd pay more attention to that heinous phone app of theirs), they moved things around and in some ways, made it more difficult to stop these space wasting updates.  Maybe difficult isn't the correct word because as you all know, Facebook is about transparency.  No, they've only moved the options around a bit under a layer or two more than where it used to be.

To some FB detractors, where the option was moved to would be called buried and harder to get to.

Let's fix that.

To block game notifications or game updates on Facebook

1) CLICK ON YOUR ACCOUNT MENU ARROW (Located at the top right corner of page)


3) SCROLL DOWN TO: BLOCKED PEOPLE AND APPS (Hey!  Man I forgot I blocked those losers!  No wonder I don't see them on FB)

4) CHOSE WHAT YOU WANT TO BLOCK.  (In most cases, you need to start typing.  There are a lot of options.  I've been actively selective! Eh?  Meaning I wait to see the updates to specifically add them.  Otherwise, you might be in this window all day long.)


At least for now, that's where it sits.  Who knows where it will go next time they update things around that place.

(Pssst:  FYI:  It seems the less you interact with a site's page on FB, the less it shows up in your time stream.  Just sayin'.  Something you should know if you had found yourself wondering what was up with a page you had not seen in a while!)