Heads Up Google Custom Home Users, Changes for That and Other Services Coming

If you were one of the users that had created a Custom Google home page, prepare yourself!  Google stopped allowing uploads of new background images back on October 18th.  And that was just the precursor as they plan on turning off Classic Plus sometime this November.

Many users are pretty grumpy about this development and maybe if enough grumble about it... Google might change their plans.  Might, I say.

This change is being added to the overall number of changes taking place within some of their free services.

Adsense for Feeds started to be retired early October.

Picasa and Drive will be having their storage spaces consolidated into one segment of five GB, not two.

Spreadsheet Gadgets is going away next year.

The app, Places Directory is going away.


I know that many have become pretty acclimated to these services that Google has offered, but keep in mind, when it's free, there's no guarantee.


  1. I've been looking for a good street view function ever since the Apple ios6 update stripped the really good Google map app with the Apple version. So this is nice, but there's something about the little blank box on the white screen that makes it feel, well, not legit. No home page, no nothing but that little box. Makes me worry a bit about what's gonna happen to my computer if I use he mysterious white box!


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