Call COMCAST To Fix A Box, Walk Away With A New Cable Package!

The other day one of my digital converter boxes went belly up.  I did all the things you need to get it going again, but to no avail.  So I called COMCAST to get the issue fixed.  The sales push from the Comcast side of things is pretty impressive.

When you call, you wait a bit, get advertised to, then asked for what department you want.  After hitting your options, you get another ad, then on to the party you need to chat with.  You're then told about another special while you're waiting for your party to answer the phone on their end.  Whew!

So I get the guy on the phone, we go through the dance with the signals being sent to the box, me unplugging and plugging it in and about 1/2 into the process, he says he's been looking over my cable package and can save me money.

Now keep in mind, that this is some sort of mixed blessing.  On one hand, I'm about to start saving about $50 a month, that's after an introductory period of 3 months where I'll be paying about $75 less a month.  But I had to get a phone service package for this discount.

So I'm thinking, sure, why not.  Give me a phone service.  But then it seems for me to have this phone service, they have to, HAVE TO, install a phone line.  I put up a stink saying I don't want to take time away from work to have to be home to have a phone line installed that I WILL NEVER USE.  But for me to get this discount, apparently they have to do this.

So, after being a bit difficult, we finally got it to the point where the technician will call me within a 2-hour window of when he'll be arriving so that I can minimize my time away from work while lollygagging about getting this completely unnecessary phone installed.

Annoying:  That I have to have the phone installed to get the package savings.

Annoying:  That we totally stopped working on the real issue at hand, my digital converter box.  (According to a buddy, he says that these converter boxes are for boosting the signal to make it "legible."  I'm not sure if that's accurate or not.

Annoying:  That I will probably still lose work time for this.

BONUS:  I'm about to get my two movie channels, internet service and basic service for about 30% less than what I'm paying now!

Oh, and I had to wrangle the info out as to what we're going to do about this broken box of mine!  LOL.

It's hard to complain about this process, considering, but I managed!!!  Now that's why Comcast bottom line is still making billions, even in a down economy!


It's been almost a month.  There's an interesting feature that comes with having a phone package and that is when you get an incoming phone call, a small alert goes off on the bottom of your TV screen.  Which might be just fine and dandy.


Granted, I could have logged into my Comcast account to look this information up but the curious thing is that I've been getting phone calls on this new phone number and I don't even know what my number is.  I haven't given it to anyone nor have I looked it up or hooked up a phone to it.

So it's either Comcast calling to check on my new phone (they do follow up their service calls) or spammers already got a hold of it.  LOL.