Did You Know That Pinterest Has Secret Boards?

Did you know you can upload Pins (images) to Pinterest secret boards so that no one else will see your pin?  Yep...  so I knew about the boards, had installed my Pinterest app to my phone, but then found myself confounded.

I don't know if you can create a secret board from your app, but that's OK, I had my laptop up and running and made one for myself.

The only reason I want a secret board is sometimes I take pics with my phone that really don't seem that interesting, as far as how the spirit of Pinterest goes, so I wanted to stash them somewhere out of site.

So I looked around to figure out how to make "secret boards" or "private boards" on Pinterest.

While on the web...

scroll down to the bottom of your page, there you'll see your secret boards.  Mine were greyed out.  But it said "Create a Secret Board" in the middle of the board.

I chose one, gave it a name and category, and the "secret" mode was set to "on."  (That's pertinent for way later on, if you get to that stage.)

(The phone app, notes say that you can create a secret board from the boards page.  On your app, slide over to your account page, and tap your logo/image that represents your account, and you'll see your boards.)

And that's it.


Other things to know about secret boards:

Existing boards cannot be made secret and you're only allowed three secret boards.  If for some reason you need a new private or secret board, you would either have to delete an existing secret board or make it public.  That would be up to you.


And that's how you create secret boards on Pinterest.


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