How I learned That One Should Not Lead With Their Queen In Chess, From a Traffic Altercation

A curious observation:  How does traffic and chess relate?  Got me, but the other night I saw this altercation taking place in the street that later, when I reflected on it, had me ponder the idea that one should never open any chess game by moving a pawn then attacking with the queen.

Lemme explain...

I was walking my new dog down the street and a man was standing on the curb waiting for someone.  Two cars pull up towards him but it turned out that the lead car's driver had called ahead saying she needed help.

So she pulls up and another car pulls up behind her, but stays about 25 feet back.  Hmm.

She gets out of her BMW and through a smattering of words with her friend on the curb, turns out the car behind her was following her.  Hmm, again.

Then we (Me, my dog, my wife) watch as her friend walks to the other car.  It's another BMW.  It backs up away from him.  He asks his friend to stop walking up with him and he gets the guy to roll the window down.  At this point I can see that the man driving his BMW is on the phone.  Suddenly, I'm suspecting something else is going on besides this girl's claim about being followed.  As in, she left out some details.

Her friend talks to the driver whose on his phone.  Can't quite make out the conversation.  But her friend stands up and asks the girl if she hit this guy in traffic?  Wow...  loaded question.

Rather than engaging in some form of conversational interchange, her true roots came to bear.  Instead of answering the question, she lights up and starts yelling at the other BMW, screaming stuff like how he has a crap car, he doesn't own crap, he can't have her car, he has no job and other mystical "observations" on her part, that she seemingly was pulling out of the air.  (BTW, they seemed to be driving the same model and year car.)

We kept walking but I kept an eye on things.  She drove off, he followed her and they disappeared around the corner.

Chapter closed.  Or so I thought.

As we were returning from our walk about 30 minutes later, it was like Christmas all over again!  Lights blinking from all the corners of the intersection that this yell-fest took place from, because the guy with the phone stuck to it and stayed on the phone until the cops did show up.

In this case, I assume, was a good call.  (Hmm, no pun intended.)

And that, was just another curious observation, because to me, rather than saving her best retorts for last, her opening volley of words were the best she could come up with.  And oddly, that's when I thought that about moving the queen in chess first.  You should always try to play first moves as conservatively as you can.  Save the good stuff for later.

All the while, there was this theme song from a long-time running show going through my head... "Bad boys, bad boys, whatch'ya gonna do? Whatch'ya gonna do when they come for you?"