New Blog Owners, Beware the SEO Bull* Sales Talk

When you partake on the journey of running a blog, if you have a good knowledgeable friend who understands SEO, you're a bit of a leg up.  Otherwise, you'll be on your own.  Trust me on that one.

One thing is how to deploy smart SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tactics.  There are numerous resources available for that and oddly, I was just reading an article on the bulls**t sales tactics of folks who try to prey on your desperation.  These folks prey on your need to do better at on the web and build an audience.

For instance, today I got this nice junk mail from a gmail email address about a one-time offer for help with my "organic SEO."  Let's go through this winning sale pitch:


First, I don't see a company name anywhere in their sales pitch.

Then they pitch me why I'm not "getting enough Social Media and Organic search engine traffic."  (Actually, I'm doing OK with that in the percentage of my inbound traffic.)

My site is not ranking in top Google organic competitive keyword phrases.  (Well, that's accurate.  I don't want to rank for "competitive" keyword phrases.  Just a few specific terms.  Duh.)

My website profile is not in most social media websites.  (Good, I'm only focused on a few sites.)

Then they blow it completely by telling me exactly how many back links they say I have.  And they are so wrong.

Then they say if I want to work with them, they'd give me an audit report, for free!  Hmm, I think they missed that chance.

But then they tell me they found my site through a Google search!  LOL.  Seriously, if I need help getting found on Google, how'd they find me on Google?  Just askin'!


So there will be dark days and days where you're wondering what the hell you need to do.  The biggest thing is to stay calm.  Be smart.  Hopefully, you've done your research before the dark moments and have resources inline to go to.  Remember, in the end, you are on your own and you need to depend on yourself.

Have fun and good luck with your blogging efforts.