Review of the Rebuilt Taco Bell in Redwood City, CA

For anyone in the neighborhood, you may have noticed that for a while the Taco Bell on El Camino Real had been closed for a while and got a facelift.  But that facelift went beyond the obvious and extended into different facets of the facility.

First up, there seems fewer parking spaces there.  If you plan on eating in, plan ahead and be ready to park on the street.

Second, once you've managed to snag one of the spaces, when you step inside, it does look better and the seating is arranged a bit different.

I was there at 11:30 A.M. and the breakfast menu was still up.  The rest of the menu only showed some "extra special" combo offerings, but god help you if you wanted to know what the price of an individual item is.

They have a new item though... Churros.  It was NOT impressive at all.  (I'm always trying to find the perfect churro.  This wasn't it!)

The other thing I noticed that at some of the booths, they have now installed power outlets, for the savvy, on-the-go customer who might be able to find a parking space!

And that's the fun I had checking out the newly rebuilt Taco Bell in Redwood City.