Turbo Tax's Crazy, Spammy Looking Email Marketing

Disclaimer:  Turbo Tax is not a spammer, but wow, their marketing campaign would drive me away if I wasn't already on-board the service.


For years I had used a private CPA to do my taxes for me.  It was a reassuring measure when our taxes got a bit complicated, to have an expert handle them for us.

But as our lives became more simplified, the need to pay the premiums this CPA was charging, seemed extreme.

Then during the last few years, with our simplistic filing, he also seemed to get more snippy with us.  He started sounding rather impatient with my questions and what not.

At one point I thought it was actually pretty stupid to be paying what we were for a standard tax form submission and as everything added up, I let Wayne go.

Enough was enough.

I had known about Turbo Tax for quite some time... from back in the days when it was a software install.  But now, it's an online entity and after having used it for a few years, it seems capable enough.

So to be clear, I recommend Turbo Tax.  The interface asks a billion questions, leaving no stone unturned and they have oodles of support a mouse click or phone call away.  (I had tried H&R Block once and I had to walk my person through extra steps that they should have caught.  So I wasn't impressed.)

With that being said, I have to say, it's crazy how Turbo Tax starts to slaughter your inbox once the year starts up.

I know they want to get in your face to remind you to stick around and use their services.  But seriously folks, they've sent me 11 emails last year once the season kicked in gear.  And so far this year, I've had my first 3.  And I'm not sure I didn't accidentally delete any prior to this "head" count.

But that's all.  Despite the marketing effort and how it feels, I've enjoyed their services to date.

If you're thinking about it, just pull up their website and look it over.  Intuit, the company behind Turbo Tax, has been around since 1983 and went public in 1993.


Dang, and the emails keep coming, and they have the spammiest titles I can think of!!!

  1. "Sign in now and see your refund"
  2. "Your Biggest Refund and User ID"
  3.  "IRS Open and Biggest Refund"
  4.  "User ID and Fast Refund Enclosed."

I mean seriously, does that look spammy or what?  Or that they hired an ex used-car salesman or real estate agent to spin their wares.  If I didn't like them so much, I'd drop them just on principles alone. 

I know an e-mail title is not a promise, but it sure does look like they think they know something about your financial situation that promises big things.  But that's just me and my critical eye.


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