Verizon Wireless Screwed Me When I Renewed My Contract

You know, I was thinking the other day, why is it, we have to renew our contracts when we buy new phones?  Why can't we just add our new phone to our existing contract?  Is that possible?

The reason I ask is right now, I'm feeling pretty screwed.

I got a new phone that I'm happy with.  The Motorola RAZR M, and I got my wife a new phone also.  We were both up for renewals.  But as I added phones to our contracts, I had to renew the contracts.  In so doing, I got screwed big time.  I was on a limitless bandwidth plan and when I upgraded, I was shoved into a 2gig limited plan.

And then I got my wife set up with a SiriusXM phone APP, and within a week, we used up "half" our new bandwidth restriction.  So I'm ticked, and then I started wondering about that new phone and if I could have added it to the old contract.

According to one source, it is possible to stay on the old, unrestricted plan, but you have to buy the phone with zero discounts.  {BestBuy Forum}

It seems your contract gets changed when you buy a "subsidized phone," meaning when you renew with a 2-year contract, you get a "discount" on the purchase of your phone.

(Or hit up Ebay and just swap phones in your contract that way.)  {Verizon Wireless Community}


It's unfortunate that cell carriers are killing the unlimited plans.  I get why though, since a tiny percent of users are huge bandwidth users, and that's apparently killing the phone carrier's bottom line.  But to ding all the little guys out there is pretty frustrating.  Or opportunistic.

Sprint has a 5Gig (vs. Verizon's 2gig plan)

And of course, despite the sales pitch of free tethering to your Verizon phone's hotspot, that seems to be out the window if you're on an unlimited plan. {ZDNet}

T-mobile seems to have revamped an unlimited plan.  But before you jump on that, it's really the same situation.  Get a subsidized phone plan, or bring your own phone, and pay $20 more a month for it.  {Liliputing}


The other thing I noticed is now I have about 4, maybe 5 gigs of space on my phone.  My older phone had a huge amount.  Now I find myself downloading my image data more often than not to keep from filling up my disk, or cutting back on the amount of music I had stored there.

And now, with my new phone, I Am Forced to use their software to interact with my phone, if I want to get my data.

My older phone I treated as a USB extension.  I plugged in, ignored the software and moved data.  Now it seems I have to interact with Verizon's software to get my data.

Step by step, they're changing things up and tightening things down as far as how much freedom the client has with their own phones.  It's getting very Gestapian in how little freedom end-users are having with their phones.  And despite my grumbles here, case in point is that Verizon still does seem to provide the best service/coverage of other providers.

There, I said something nice about my Verizon Wireless.


  1. Don't get me started on "plans," the only thing that is "planned" is how providers can fleece the consumer, lol


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